TINPHAT EXPRESS specializes in providing international freight services in the form of Door to door (home delivery) in countries around the world.

1/ TINPHAT EXPRESS Does not accept the following items:

Opium, opium compounds, narcotics, harmful stimulants….
Weapons, ammunition, military equipment, Objects that can be dangerous to the carrier
Depraved, reactionary cultural products, publications and documents aimed at destroying public order and opposing the Vietnamese state
Articles, flammable and explosive substances, dangerous substances that unsanitary, cause environmental pollution

2/ Rights and obligations of the sender:

The sender has the right to complain and ask the company to compensate for damage according to the level announced or agreed by the company before.
Provide accurate information about the goods and fill in the recipient’s information (Name, address, phone number) correctly to avoid the loss of goods.
To be responsible if the goods are taxed or the goods are confiscated, destroyed or returned by the importing country (Deliberately sending prohibited goods, sending goods in contravention of regulations but not declaring to TIN PHAT EXPRESS)
Fragile goods, or goods with specific characteristics, please notify TIN PHAT EXPRESS staff for advice on the safest packaging.

3/ Responsibilities of TIN PHAT EXPRESS

Receive goods at home on time according to customer’s previous appointment request
Check the legitimacy of the order, weigh and measure the actual shipment, TIN PHAT EXPRESS is responsible for providing the tracking code and tracking the parcel until the package is delivered successfully.
TIN PHAT EXPRESS does not handle claims for delayed delivery due to the following force majeure reasons:
Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) War, strikes, protests at the airport
Delay due to customs holding of the host country

4/ Compensation:

For orders with goods insurance, the compensation level will be according to the regulations and agreed with the customer before, the customer needs to keep the bill of lading, purchase invoice and related documents to be resolved. .
For regular shipments without insurance, the compensation level is as follows:
For documents and documents: free of charge for replacement of 80% and compensation of $ 20 / 1 lost bill.
For goods that are lost in the whole lot (or accompanying packages), reduce or refund the freight for the lost part according to the actual value but not exceeding $ 150 / 1 order. Customers need to provide invoices to prove their declared value is correct.