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Shipping Service To Korea

What characteristics should the shipping service to Korea need to meet and how much is a reasonable fee? What items are prohibited from shipping to Korea?

dịch vụ gửi hàng đi hàn quốc

Shipping services to Korea are becoming more and more popular and professional. And international credit is the place to bring you absolute quality at an attractive price. Let’s find out more details through the following content.

Price List of Shipping Service to Korea

In order to meet the needs of transporting goods to Korea of many different customers. During its operation for more than 10 years, international credit has constantly strived to bring perfection in service quality as well as significantly lower costs for transportation.

Up to the present time, international credit is one of the leading reputable establishments that can ensure to bring customers the most competitive prices in the international freight market. For detailed pricing, please contact the hotline for advice.

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Should I Use Shipping Service From Vietnam To Korea?

Freight services from Vietnam to other countries are increasingly popular, in which, especially Korea. During the past years, the number of Vietnamese working abroad has increased, and the demand for studying abroad in Korea has also increased significantly.

Dịch vụ gửi hàng đi hàn quốc giá tốt

Good price shipping service to Korea

Therefore, freight services to Korea are essential and tend to increase sharply. In order to meet the increasingly complete needs, international shipping services are also becoming more and more complete and professional. In addition to meeting the quality of goods when they reach the recipient, the service also ensures the following factors:

  • Fast and reasonable delivery time
  • Reasonable, competitive cost with a variety of items that can be shipped
  • Simple delivery procedures, avoid wasting time of the delivery person and the recipient like before
  • Diversified delivery methods: land, air, water
  • Customers can closely monitor the delivery progress
  • Committed to compensate if there is loss or damage of goods

What’s so special about the Shipping Service to Korea at Tin Phat International?

International express delivery is a potential segment that many businesses want to enter. And before the great demand of users, international shipping services are becoming more and more numerous. However, to choose a facility that is both reputable in the profession and meets a reasonable cost is indeed not an easy thing. And international credit is one of the few facilities capable of meeting both of the above wishes of customers. The company offers the following advantages:

Competitive Price

Attractive freight policy, often with discounts from 30% to 50% depending on the order to meet the needs of most customers when they need to transport letters and goods to Korea. In particular, customers who frequently make transactions or trade with large order values also receive more discount priority.


With the professionalization, international freight procedures are simplified as much as possible to create favorable conditions and save customers’ time and effort. Long experience in the industry (more than 10 years)  ensures the reputation of goods quality, delivery time, delivery location as agreed.

Taking the top principle of success as customer satisfaction, international credit has continuously grown over the years and has become a long-term friend, the first partner that customers think of. until you need to ship the goods to Korea.

Items Allowed for Shipping

Có thể vận chuyển cả rượu bia và thuốc lá sang Hàn Quốc

Can transport both alcohol and tobacco to Korea

Most of the domestic products are on the list of goods shipped to Korea. Which includes:

  • Clothes, shoes, bags
  • Cosmetics with clear origin, clear origin
  • Dried food, packed with clear origin
  • Daily items such as tables and chairs, blankets, fabrics
  • Books, newspapers and documents are strictly customary
  • Tobacco, alcohol

However, shipping also requires the exclusion of the following items:

Potentially Explosive Objects

According to Korean regulations, flammable and explosive items will not be on the list of goods imported into their country. This includes: dangerous, flammable and explosive fuels such as gasoline, oil, paint, alcohol, gas, butane or firecrackers. In addition, devices containing batteries such as sleds, speaker devices with built-in rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, etc. are also not allowed.

Dangerous Items

In order to ensure safety, avoid the risk of danger, hostile plots or malicious purposes, sharp or potentially dangerous items, tools, and instruments are also not allowed to be transported to Korea through by air. Examples include: knives, scissors, hammers, swords, metal can openers or similar objects.

Item of Pure Customs and Customs

Items that are not dangerous or dangerous in nature, but if they violate fine customs and traditions, are also listed as prohibited from being transported to Korea. Specifically: products of tapes, prints, documents, records, etc. with depraved, distorted, obscene content, etc. In addition, paper money and bonds are also not allowed to be circulated to Hang Quoc through via shipping service. Meanwhile, tapes with healthy content such as music, comedy, educational content, etc. are still accepted.

Drugs, Addiction

Not only Korea, most countries in the world prohibit the transportation of prohibited items to their countries. Typical among them are opium, opium products, cocaine, psychotropic agent preparations, oil plant, etc. However, alcohol and tobacco are allowed to circulate to Korea, despite regulations is still bound to a number of conditions as follows:

  • Carrier must be over 19 years old
  • Cigarettes can be transported up to 200 cigarettes
  • Cigarette-like products carry a maximum of 250 grams
  • Up to 50 cigars can be transported
  • Fruits And Food

Thực phẩm tươi sống bị cấm vận chuyển sang Hàn Quốc

Fresh food banned from shipping to Korea

Fresh fruits and food are products that are not allowed to be shipped to Korea through the consignment service. The same applies to visitors, who are not allowed to bring food through their home country while traveling. Meanwhile, packaged and original dry products are still allowed to be shipped to Korea. Take for example: cookies, chocolate candies, chewing gum, etc.


Endangered, protected or rare wildlife species are also prohibited products through customs. Even in the country, the illegal transport of wild animals carries the risk of administrative fines or strict handling according to regulations.

Prohibited Items

In addition, some of the following items will also be on the list of prohibited shipments to Korea: weapons, ammunition, guns, gems, money, gems, Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones and Samsung Note7 devices . Products of unknown origin, label or quarantine

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Shipping Methods To Korea

Gửi hàng hóa sang Hàn Quốc chủ yếu là đường hàng không

Sending goods to Korea is mainly by air

Products with high value or need to be transported in a short time will be suitable for air transportation. Accordingly, the service of sending goods to Korea is also mainly through this route. Except for items with large volume or too bulky, the shipping method will be changed to sea.

Credit International’s Shipping Process

At international credit, when customers need to ship goods to Korea, the general process will go through the following steps:

Step 1

You actively contact Nhat Tin Express by hotline 0969.969.799 or leave information on the website, fanpage for support staff as soon as possible. In addition, some basic supporting information is also detailed at the website of international credit.

Step 2

Customers prepare the goods to be transported and take the initiative to bring them to the receiving points of international credit. Or international couriers will come to the place and assist in packing and taking goods according to the wishes of customers. The second option often brings more convenience because it saves customers time without incurring additional costs. Items are professionally staffed on site before packing to ensure all goods are shipped legally and legally.

Step 3

Figure 6: Customers need to pay the fee before the goods are shipped

According to the general regulations of international credit, the freight to be paid takes place immediately after step 2 or at the same time as step 2. The staff simultaneously inspects the package again and receives 100% payment from the customer first. when shipping goods.

Step 4

The parcel continues to be transported according to the process to ensure the agreed delivery time and commitment to the quality of the order.

Step 5

Customers can track the status of their order by entering the bill of lading code in the search box of Nhat Tinh International. In the event that the delivery order is not as expected, or there is a problem, customers can ask for quick support through the hotline 0969 969 799.

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Thus, the shipping service to Korea from Tin Phat International is a professional service, competitive cost and capable of meeting the needs of the majority of customers. In addition to Korea, customers can also ship goods to many other countries around the world efficiently and quickly such as the US, China, Taiwan and European countries.

International Credit Contact Information

+ South: 61 Pho Quang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

+ Central region: 220 Ha Huy Tap, Hoa Khe ward, Thanh Khe district, Da Nang city

– Hotline: 0969,969.799 VND

– Email:

– Website:

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