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Shipping Service To Thailand

Shipping services to Thailand are performed professionally, in a variety of modes of transportation from land, sea to air.

dịch vụ gửi hàng đi thái lan

Cargo service to Thailand

Shipping service to Thailand from Vietnam is very developed and diversified in modes of transportation. However, which service provider should you choose? How long does it take for goods or letters from Vietnam to arrive in Thailand? What goods are allowed to be transported without being blocked by the authorities? Let’s join Tin Phat International in turn to answer the above questions through the following article content.

Price List of Shipping Services to Thailand

When choosing a shipping service to Thailand or any other country, freight is always a top concern. However, at Tin Phat International, customers can’t be too concerned about that because they always enjoy the most competitive prices in the shipping market with top quality professional services. In particular, when contacting directly, when making transactions of great value, customers also have more attractive incentives. Specifically, you can refer to the following price information.

Shipping Time To Thailand

Previously, although our country was not too far from Thailand, the shipping time was not fast due to many different reasons. However, now with a convenient transportation system, the shipping service to Thailand can meet the needs of customers well. In which, it is necessary to mention some of the following improvements:

Advantages When Sending Goods To Thailand

Tín Phát Quốc Tế - dịch vụ gửi hàng đi thái lan

Tin Phat International – Shipping service to Thailand (photo source: Collectibles)

Simple procedures

When everything is in process, the procedures to export goods from Vietnam to Thailand or import goods to Vietnam from Thailand become much faster and more professional. Goods are also supported by door-to-door delivery, saving both time and effort for customers and thereby minimizing transaction time.

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Optimal Time

With accuracy and professionalism in business, most of the shipping services to Thailand, especially the service from Tin Phat International, always ensure the accuracy of time. Specifically, when using shipping services, customers can choose from many different service packages to meet their freight needs such as fast or non-fast shipping.

Of course, corresponding to the express shipping service, the price will also be adjusted accordingly. It can be said that, up to the present time, the time for transporting goods to Thailand is not too different from the time of transporting goods in the country. And it is the customer who has an active role in controlling the delivery time.

Various Vehicles

Another factor affecting shipping services to Thailand is the means of transport. If before, goods to Thailand were transported mainly by road and took a lot of time, now express goods will be delivered by air. Thus, instead of taking many days to ship, the goods can be received the next day or even received the same day.

Estimated shipping time to Thailand

Chỉ mất khoảng 2 ngày để vận chuyển hàng hóa đến Thái Lan

It only takes about 2 days to ship the goods to Thailand

From the factors just mentioned, it can be seen that the time it takes to send goods to Thailand is only 7 to 10 days, which is the maximum for a regular shipping package. In addition, at Tin Phat International, customers’ goods can also choose a fast shipping package from 3 to 4 working days or a super express delivery package that takes only 1 to 2 working days.

Goods Shipping To Thailand


Hàng hóa cấp tốc sẽ được vận chuyển bằng đường hàng không

Express goods will be shipped by air

Most of the regular goods, dry goods, full labels and identification documents can be transported to Thailand via road. Which includes:

  • Items of a personal nature, dry goods, household tools, goods for daily living.
  • High-value items such as jewelry, expensive fashion accessories, gems, etc. need specific notes on where to buy, bank notes, etc.
  • Dry food has a clear origin and has a long shelf life
  • Clothes, shoes, fabrics, hats, bags and other fashion items
  • Makeup cosmetics, skin care cosmetics of clear origin


Products that require express shipping or perishable goods are usually shipped by air. For example: Frozen foods, chocolate, processed cereals, packaged foods for short-term use. In addition, some other items such as vaccines, serum, even hatching eggs and plants can also be sent to Thailand with the requirement to present sufficient documents to prove the origin and origin.

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Goods Prohibited From Shipping To Thailand

Cần lưu ý đến những mặt hàng cấm vận chuyển

Pay attention to items that are prohibited from shipping

Although neighboring Thailand has an open policy, it allows transporting a variety of items to and from the border. However, on the common ground the following goods are absolutely prohibited:

  • Weapons, guns, swords, ammunition
  • Flammable substances: gasoline, gas, explosive gas, etc.
  • Rare flora and fauna, of the protected type
  • Procedures To Send Goods To Thailand At Tin Phat International

The procedure for sending goods to Thailand is quite simple, when in need, customers only need to follow the following steps:

Step 1

Customers proactively classify items to be shipped according to the above mentioned items and then carefully pack them before delivering the package to Tin Phat International’s receiving point. However, customers can still choose an easier way by calling the hotline 0969.969.799 for assistance in picking up the goods. Experts of Tin Phat International will assist you in correctly classifying goods that are allowed to be transported and packed according to specifications.

Goods can also be actively sent to the receiving point of Tin Phat International, provided that the contract has been agreed in advance. However, it is advisable to pay careful attention to fragile items to avoid damage during transportation.

Step 2

Thủ tục vận chuyển hàng hóa đến Thái Lan đơn giản

Simple procedures for shipping goods to Thailand

Customers fill in the necessary information according to the available form or provide information to the carrier through other forms such as text messages, phone calls. It includes information of the shipper, information of the recipient, notes on the receiving address, shipping method, payment, etc. All information is to ensure that the service is conducted in accordance with the correct process and ensure the satisfaction of customers. safety for customers about the issue of reimbursement (if any).

Step 3

After completing the packing and providing information, customers need to pay the freight to Tin Phat International before shipping the goods. In the course of performing the transaction, if problems arise that are not in accordance with the agreement of the contract, the customer, based on the contract, can claim compensation for the damage. Payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

Step 4

After the procedures are completed, the next steps of freight will be proactively arranged by Tin Phat International to ensure the right agreement. Customers can track the progress of goods delivery through the website and actively contact Tin Phat International for support if problems arise.

  • Note:
    For customers from other provinces, it is still possible to use Tin Phat International’s shipping service to Thailand through online transactions and with the help of domestic freight services.
    For the best support, customers should contact the hotline 0978.1.7777 when necessary. The experts will guide and advise in detail without any additional cost.

Why Choose Shipping To Thailand At Tin Phat International?

Professional Shipping Service

The first requirement in transnational freight is quality. Almost every customer expressed concern about whether the shipping facility is good or not. Specifically, does the carrier ensure that the quality of the goods is not damaged or broken when they arrive in Thailand and whether they are delivered on time and to the right person?

However, this concern can be completely ignored when using Tin Phat International’s services. That’s right, the establishment with more than 10 years of experience in the industry with extensive experience, professional expertise always ensures to complete the task up to 99% (except for force majeure cases: the recipient does not receive the goods, the customer does not receive the goods. goods with wrong address, wrong declaration of order properties, …)

Many Advantages

Quyền lợi tối ưu với dịch vụ từ Tín Phát Quốc Tế

Optimal benefits with services from Tin Phat International

  • Tin Phat International’s shipping service to Thailand ensures on-time delivery, to the right object in the shortest time.
  • Taking customer satisfaction as a measure of success, most customers think of Tin Phat International after completing a previous transaction.
  • The most competitive cost in the transportation market, ensuring customers both quality and price at the lowest and most profitable levels.
  • Committed to transporting an unlimited number of goods and a variety of goods, except for those items on the list of prohibited transportation according to the regulations of Vietnam and Thailand.
  • In the event of damage or loss of goods, Tin Phat International commits to a satisfactory refund, ensuring the interests of customers. However, this situation is very rare because the staff
  • from the base are skilled and professional members.

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Demand for Shipping Goods To Thailand In Vietnam

As we all know, Vietnamese people tend to be foreign, and Thai products are always in the sights because of their good prices, high quality products and beautiful designs. Moreover, in recent years, the trade between Thailand and Vietnam is growing. It is these things that lead to an increasing demand for transporting goods to Thailand or transporting goods from Thailand to Vietnam. However, to ensure the safety of transactions, customers need to pay attention to choosing a reputable partner.


In general, the shipping service to Thailand is increasingly developing in terms of shipping methods and service quality. To ensure that they meet their needs and receive door-to-door delivery support at attractive prices, customers can find out more details at Tin Phat International’s website or contact hotline 0969,969.799.

International Credit Contact Information

+ South: 61 Pho Quang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

+ Central region: 220 Ha Huy Tap, Hoa Khe ward, Thanh Khe district, Da Nang city

– Hotline: 0969,969.799 VND

– Email:

– Website:

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