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Shipping Service to Australia

Do you know how to choose a reputable shipping service to Australia? Let’s take note with Tin Phat International through a few service selection criteria as follows.

Have you chosen the top quality shipping service to Australia at the right price? Regardless of the need to send any item, it is necessary to choose a reliable delivery address. Your goods will be delivered to the recipient on time, intact. Tin Phat International introduces the best shipping service to Australia today.

Price List Shipping From Vietnam to Australia

How much does it cost to send goods to Australia from Vietnam? Price is what everyone is interested in when learning about international shipping services. People often tend to compare prices of addresses with each other to choose a cheap service. However, cheap service does not guarantee good quality. Instead, you should find out if the service is really reputable.

Price List Shipping From Vietnam to Australia

Contact the company for detailed advice on shipping rates to Australia

The price of sending goods from Vietnam to Australia depends on each company. Addresses that provide all-inclusive service to support customers from A – Z, the price will be different from retail shipping services. In addition, to determine the specific price of shipping services to Australia, it is also necessary to rely on different criteria.

– Is the volume of goods more or less?

– What kind of goods is it? Compact goods or bulky goods, goods difficult to transport?

– How far is the shipping distance, specific address.

– The method of transporting goods by sea or by air.

To know the exact price for your shipping needs, please contact directly to a reputable shipping address. The staff will advise in detail the service package suitable for you.

Dịch Vụ Gửi Hàng, Chuyển Phát Nhanh Đi Mỹ Uy Tín

Shipping Service To Australia At Tin Phat International

Where do you choose to use the most reputable shipping service to Australia? Please refer to the quality shipping service at Tin Phat International. Many customers have used and left many positive reviews about the service.


Tham khảo dịch vụ gửi hàng đi Úc uy tín tại Tín Phát Quốc Tế

Refer to the reputable shipping service to Australia at Tin Phat International

Advantages of International Shipping Service at Tin Phat International

Choose to use international shipping service at Tin Phat International, customers enjoy many special incentives.

– Long-term operation experience in the field of international shipping, thereby meeting the needs of customers well.

– Free, enthusiastic support staff.

– Support to send many different items to Australia, including bulky items with shipping.

– Delivery of goods with intact quality on time, in the right hand of the recipient.

– Support customers to complete procedures for transporting goods in accordance with regulations, quickly.

– The staff picks up the goods and sends them to the customer’s house for free.

– Make a clear contract, ensure the interests of both parties.

Commitment of Credit International

Besides, Tin Phat International is also fully committed to bring the best benefits to customers.

– Delivery on time, right to the recipient’s hand and ensure the same quality as when received.

– Working 24/7 to quickly support when customers need.

– Free pick-up at customers’ homes in Ho Chi Minh City area.

– The staff is always enthusiastic to support customers, working professionally and responsibly.

– Pack the goods properly, check carefully before sending.

– Provide bill of lading code to help customers track the shipment route via the Internet easily.

– Full compensation in case of lost or damaged goods during transportation.

– Providing quality service with the most reasonable price in the market.

Please contact Tin Phat International directly for detailed advice on suitable shipping services.

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Australian Shipping Process

So what is the specific process of sending goods from Vietnam to Australia? Please refer to the following steps:


Quy trình vận chuyển hàng đi Úc đạt chuẩn tại Tín Phát Quốc Tế

Standard shipping process to Australia at Tin Phat International

Step 1: Customers contact the company and provide full order information at the request of the staff.

Step 2: The staff comes to check the items, the quantity of the goods, confirm the delivery service selected by the customer.

Step 3: Quote the order to be sent to Australia and make a contract and confirm the order.

Step 4: Go to the customer’s house to pick up the goods to send.

Step 5: Pack the goods carefully, check before shipping.

Step 6: Send goods according to the correct process, provide shipping codes for customers to track.

Step 7: Staff support 24/7 in the process of sending goods until the goods are delivered to the recipient.

We always ensure to send the goods on time and intact to the recipient. Please contact us for more details.

Shipping Methods To Australia

Currently, to send goods to Australia, what are the shipping methods? Two main shipping methods include:


Shipping Methods To Australia

Refer to two methods of shipping goods to Australia

Shipping Goods To Australia By Sea

Shipping goods to foreign countries without land borders, sea is the most popular. Mainly, goods will be packed into containers sent by sea. This method is chosen a lot because of its low cost, can send oversized items, bulky goods.

However, the delivery time is quite long, can be up to 14 days. Requests to send goods by sea must be full of information, documents and customs procedures. If you need to send goods urgently, please choose another more suitable method.

Shipping Goods To Australia By Air

Another method of transportation that is widely applied is air freight. This is the method people choose when they want to send goods quickly and safely. Fast delivery time only from 2-3 days can be delivered to the recipient. For further delivery addresses, it will take more time to send the goods there.

With the method of sending goods by air, the cost will be much higher. And only suitable for compact, light, not oversized or bulky items.

Customers can consult and choose the appropriate shipping method. Contact the company, the staff will advise you on the details of the satisfactory delivery service.

Goods That Can Be Carried To Australia

Items sent to Australia are not restricted too much, excluding items on the banned list according to Vietnamese and foreign regulations. And especially, the items need to have clear origins and labels. The groups of goods sent are as follows:

Goods That Can Be Carried To Australia

Items can be sent to Australia in accordance with regulations

– Garment items: clothes, shoes, bags…

– Postal items: papers, pictures, letters, records…

– Cosmetics: perfumes, lotions, masks, makeup…

– Handicraft items: wooden furniture, porcelain, rattan and bamboo products…

– Food items: dried seafood, dried fruit, confectionery…

– Electronic goods: machinery, electronic equipment does not contain batteries, does not have magnets, does not contain oil.

Note that when sending goods, it is necessary to have full customs clearance documents. The staff will advise and help customers prepare all the necessary procedures.

How to Choose a Reliable Quality Australian Shipping Company

How to choose a reputable address that provides quality shipping services to Australia? Customers can rely on specific criteria such as:

How to Choose a Reliable Quality Australian Shipping Company

Refer to the criteria for choosing the best shipping service to Australia

Top Prestige Brands

Find out information about reputable addresses specializing in providing the best shipping services. With this modern technology era, finding safe and reliable shipping address information is not too difficult. Take some time to browse the top sites.

Reasonable Price, Clear Publicity

Besides, you should also consult the service price before choosing. Prioritize choosing to use services with reasonable prices. And especially, publicize the price so that customers can refer more easily before choosing. Package shipping services will have a higher price than retail shipping services. People should find out the details of the type of service with the price and then choose.

Good Service Quality

Good service quality is based on many different criteria, which are:

– Provide all the popular shipping methods today.

– Ensure fast delivery, on time, intact quantity and quality.

– Support receiving goods, properly packing goods, checking goods before sending.

– There is a clear bill of lading code for customers to easily track during the shipment.

Customers can directly contact a specific reputable shipping address for service reference.

Detailed, Enthusiastic Consulting

The customer service attitude of the staff is also classified as a prestigious service evaluation criterion. Priority should be given to choosing services with a team of clear, professional and enthusiastic consultants. Even before, during and after the goods are delivered to the recipient.

So everyone should rely on the above criteria to find the best delivery service. Tin Phat International is trusted by customers to choose the location that meets the top criteria of a reputable address. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

How Long Does It Take to Ship to Australia?

Shipping time from Vietnam to Australia depends on the shipping method. If you choose the air freight service, it only takes 3-5 days to arrive. If you choose to send goods to Australia by sea, it will take longer, it takes 15-20 days. However, the delivery time may take longer depending on the weather conditions, the specific place of delivery is in the main city or in the remote area.


How Long Does It Take to Ship to Australia?

How long it takes to ship to Australia depends on specific conditions

Tin Phat International supports sending fast delivery orders when customers need it. Contact customer staff will advise appropriate service.

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Sending Goods to Australia What Procedures Need to Prepare?

An important thing to note when sending goods to Australia is to complete the procedures and papers well. Customers need to provide complete and accurate:

– Consignee information including address and phone number.

– Order information: quantity of goods, what items, goods in accordance with regulations.

– Consignor information: address and phone number for support staff to pick up.

In addition, goods need to be classified specifically by group to determine specific costs. People do not need to worry too much, step by step completing the procedure, the staff at Tin Phat International will advise and help customers. Please refer to the quality shipping service to Australia here and choose to use it.

International Credit Contact Information

+ South: 61 Pho Quang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

+ Central region: 220 Ha Huy Tap, Hoa Khe ward, Thanh Khe district, Da Nang city

– Hotline: 0969,969.799 VND

– Email:

– Website:

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